Executive Support and Appraisal Team

Although CEO evaluation is arguably the most important role of the nonprofit board, the process is often misunderstood, misapplied, or even completely neglected. Tension often arises between the board and the CEO around issues of trust, resulting from ill-defined definitions of their respective roles and responsibilities as well as unclear expectations.

The revolutionary yet simple ESAT method includes the formation of an Executive Support and Appraisal Team, as well as adoption of the SPAN Assessment Instrument, together creating an effective and aligned evaluation system.

With this training, you and your team will learn:

  • The vital imperative of CEO evaluation
  • How to form an ESAT Appraisal Team
  • Components of the SPAN Assessment Tool
  • How to avoid common mistakes and blind spots
  • Celebrating the Board/CEO Partnership

After adopting this system, one CEO reported the following results in recruiting affiliate memberships:

Before: recruitment of seven new member agencies, bringing in $5,250

After: recruitment of 56 new member agencies, bringing in $42,000

Results: 800% increase